Spicer Smart Suite Technology

Connected Drivetrain Technology

The integrated system utilized by Spicer® Smart Suite™ technology captures, gathers and manages, analyzes, communicates, and acts on data sourced from the drivetrain to offer load monitoring, condition monitoring, tractive torque estimation, speed monitoring, and direct measurements of steering angles. 

Backed by decades of Dana expertise, this advance seamlessly integrates vehicle intelligence technologies with Dana’s full line of drivetrain components. It provides useful insights into vehicle performance, supplying greater long-term value over the remote-mounted and retrofitted solutions currently available from third-party providers.

Spicer Smart Suite technology is a platform of fully integrated, connected vehicle features that converts operating data from the drivetrain into valuable and actionable insights that enhance productivity, improve operator and machine safety, and reduce total operating costs.

  • The first application of this technology is a new Spicer Smart Suite intelligent load monitoring system (ILMS), which will be offered as an optional feature on Spicer axles for telehandlers.

  • Unlike traditional load monitoring technology that collects measurements from a single remote-mounted or retrofitted load cell on the rear axle, Spicer ILMS uses data from the vehicle to prevent tip-overs more effectively, provide better estimates of static loads, and supply more intelligent calibration management

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