Brevini® BWE Series Winches


Dana’s line of high-performance Brevini® BWE Series winches supports construction, industrial, and material-handling vehicles, as well as other mobile machinery. This new product architecture combines efficiency, smooth controls, custom options, and safe operations in a robust modular design.

Each winch in this series features a compact, high-speed piston motor for efficient operation, and the range will offer 13 different sizes to support lift capacities from 990 kg (1.1 tons) to 30 tonnes (33 tons).  

Brevini® winches deliver safe and reliable performance while minimizing the weight and size of the technology in order to perform in compact spaces. Additionally, Brevini electronic safety controls satisfy local regulations and deliver on critical customer needs.

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  • New Brevini® hydraulic axial motor, featuring variable displacement with nine pistons; ideal balance of smooth control at low speeds and high performance
  • Multidisc static brake
  • Robust stainless steel drum, available in grooved or smooth options
  • Brevini hydraulic valve ensures safe operation with enhanced control during load lowering
  • High performance gears, low noise, long product life
  • Robust stainless steel frame, suitable for low-temperature applications

Mobile Application Features

  • Four available models cover a first-layer pulling capacity from 8.5 to 16 tonnes (18,700 to 35,200 lbs.) 
  • Well suited for medium-sized crawler cranes and rough-terrain crane
  • High-speed Brevini hydraulic motors and wide range of controls improve safety to prevent damage to the winch, vehicles, and, most importantly, people on the job site
  • All sizes available with or without the motor drum

Industrial Application Features

  • Designed for drilling rigs, rubber tire gantry cranes, and many other stationary industrial applications in the marine and offshore markets
  • Optional second safety brake allows Brevini winches to be used as personnel lifting winches in marine and offshore applications
  • Designed to meet safety certification standards for major international organizations governing these applications

Accessories and Safety Controls

  • Pressure roller
  • Electric or hydraulic limit switch
  • Electric or hydraulic rotary limit switch 
  • Speed sensor (proximity) 
  • Smooth or grooved drum 
  • Fixed or variable displacement Brevini high-speed axial piston motor