Spicer® Central Tire Inflation System


When working either on- or off-road, agricultural productivity is markedly impacted by whether or not tires are inflated to optimal pressures. Today, it is widely accepted that a reliable tire inflation system can play an important role in modern farming.

Spicer® CTIS helps to increase traction, productivity, crop yield, and tire life. Further, it delivers a number of unique attributes and critical functions that competing systems simply cannot provide. Farmers seeking to enhance productivity with the most sophisticated and controllable tire inflation technology available need only look to Spicer CTIS.

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Attributes Unique to Spicer® CTIS

  • Rapid inflation and deflation time
  • Pneumatic lines pressurized only when system is in use
  • One seal and one air channel per tire configuration is superior to competing products, which use multiple seals that can cause power loss and reliability issues
  • Wheel valves can be inspected and serviced without removing tires
  • Pressure in each tire can be independently controlled
  • Rotary joint design can be easily integrated into existing Dana axle designs
  • Evacuation of air at a high central point avoids any build-up of debris around the axle, valves, or wheels
  • Limp home feature avoids in-field repairs in the event of tire puncture

System Components

  • Spicer® Control Panel
  • Spicer® Mechatronic Control Unit (MCU)
  • Spicer® Wheel Valve
  • Spicer® Integrated Rotary Pneumatic Seal
  • Spicer® Front Axle


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