Spicer® Smart Suite Technology


Spicer® Smart Suite™ technology is a platform of fully integrated, connected vehicle features that converts operating data from the drivetrain into actionable insights for enhancing productivity, improving operator and machine safety, and reducing total operating costs.

This integrated system captures, gathers and manages, analyzes, communicates, and acts on data sourced from the drivetrain to offer load monitoring, condition monitoring, tractive torque estimation, speed monitoring, and direct measurements of steering angles. 

Leveraging Dana’s decades of expertise, this innovation seamlessly integrates vehicle intelligence technologies with Dana’s line of drivetrain components. It provides insights into vehicle performance, supplying greater long-term value over the remote-mounted and retrofitted solutions currently available from third-party providers.

Next-Generation Axle Design:

A patented future axle concept, drawing on expertise from the successful Spicer modular design and providing:
  • Customer tailored solutions with minimum tooling investment and reduced lead times
  • Ability to convert a suspended axle to a rigid mount and substitute the hub
  • Three independently sealed compartments to emphasize efficiency by requiring less oil
  • Axle suspension arm designs demonstrating potential weight and cost reduction concepts

System Components

  • Spicer® Intelligent Load Monitoring System (ILMS) – Advises the operator of potentially dangerous tipping situations
  • Spicer® Wheel Speed and Torque Monitoring – Enables traction-management and vehicle stability control technologies
  • Spicer® Health Monitoring and Diagnostics – Monitors health status, measuring temperature and presence of contaminants in lubricant
  • Spicer® Steering and Suspension Status Monitoring – Enables next generation of steering and suspension management technologies
  • Spicer® Data Fusion – Collects, analyzes, and communicates data compatible with vehicle communication protocols and telematics systems

Features and Benefits

Spicer Smart Suite technology enhances the intelligence drawn from drivetrain components through a solution that can:
  • Capture
  • Gather and Manage
  • Analyze 
  • Communicate
  • Act
This technology provides useful, actionable insights to end-users on and off the vehicle, allowing critical alerts and analysis to be shared on vehicle central display panels, via tablets, and in fleet management centers. It is also designed to take these insights a step further by performing key functions independent of operator intervention.

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