Aerial Work Platform

Spicer® Drive Systems and Brevini® Motion Systems for Aerial Work Platforms

Dana designs and manufactures fully integrated drive and motion products for the vast majority of aerial work platforms, including scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts, articulating and telescopic boom lifts, crawler lifts, and truck-mounted lifts. Spicer® wheel drives can be paired with a motor for electric-driven AWPs ranging from 3 to 7 tonnes (3 to 8 tons), with additional solutions in development for wheel-drive and axle-based solutions up to 24 tonnes (26 tons). Additionally, Dana is developing drive systems that integrate advanced electric motor and wheel-drive technologies in a single, compact package to optimize the performance of electric-powered AWPs with overall weights of 8 to 12 tonnes (9 to 13 tons).

Safety regulations for aerial work platforms in North America are evolving quickly to align with those already in effect in Europe, essentially creating global standards for platform design, load sensing, dynamic terrain sensing, and training requirements. To help OEMs comply with these standards, Dana leverages 20 years of experience to design and manufacture a broad range of Brevini® motion products, including electronic controls, sensors, controllers, and associated software.

Build your aerial work platform with Spicer drivetrain products here.