Oil Cooling and Warming Products


Dana offers an extensive range of innovative transmission thermal-management solutions designed to meet changing requirements – everything from enhancing vehicle performance to reducing emissions.

When powertrain components operate at elevated levels for prolonged periods, the heat they generate must be effectively managed to ensure optimum operating conditions and long-term durability. Oil cooling can be accomplished by air-cooled heat exchangers or coolant-based oil coolers. Likewise, automatic and manual transmissions subjected to high output levels must also be cooled via air or coolant.

We accomplish this through a range of custom cooling modules for engines of all sizes for leading OEM companies worldwide. 

Quick Facts

  • Full range of Long® heat-exchange solutions with both air - and liquid-cooled systems
  • Meticulous design, manufacturing, and testing
  • Effectively manage heat to ensure optimum operating conditions and long-term durability

Key Features

  • Enhanced vehicle efficiency through reduced friction in the powertrain components
  • Improved vehicle fuel economy through proper hot oils maintenance
  • Reduced emissions by using wasted thermal energies to bring vehicle oils to optimum operating temperature