Battery, Motor, and Electronics Cooling


As a leader in thermal-management technologies, Dana collaborates with global automakers and electronics manufacturers to create superior cooling solutions that meet the unique needs of battery systems and power electronics. These advanced cooling technologies are precision engineered for high thermal performance, reduced vehicle weight, and lower manufacturing costs.

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Thermal Solutions

InterCell Battery Cooling Plate

  • Thin (1 mm) plate cooler with internal liquid-cooling channels
  • Interleaved between cells for maximum thermal surface contact
  • Best achieved cell temperature uniformity for extended battery life
  • Superior cooling during fast charge/discharge
  • Integrated dielectric separation film

Battery Cold Plate

  • Liquid-cooled plate for mounting hard can battery modules
  • Lightweight, stamped aluminum construction – fluxless brazed for non-ionic coolant compatibility
  • Flow balanced designs for uniform battery pack temperature
  • Customized fluid connectors and routing lines

Power Electronics Cooling

  • Higher power density
  • Reduced fuel consumption, corrosion resistance
  • High-cycle durability against thermal fatigue
  • Ensures maximum junction temperature is limited
  • Maintains appropriate delta across system layers
  • Both single- and double-sided cooling solutions available
  • Maximizes Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) efficiency
  • For DC/AC inverter and DC/DC converter cooling
  • Lightweight, fluxless brazed aluminum construction
  • Superior flatness for chip thermal contact

ADAS Cooling

  • Ultra-thin aluminum cooling plates
  • Specifically designed for ADAS control modules
  • High level of cleanliness ensures system reliability
  • Meets stringent demands of ADAS cooling requirements

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