Active Warm-Up

Long® Active and Passive Warm-Up Products

Dana’s warm-up technology enhances vehicle efficiency with thermal bypass valves and integrated heat exchangers that quickly increase and maintain vehicle operating temperatures. The result is lower fuel consumption and emissions.

A certain percentage of fuel has to be consumed to overcome friction in powertrain components such as the transmission, engine, and axle. We use two techniques to help maintain optimum hot oil temperatures, especially in cold climates where it takes longer for engines to meet optimum operating temperatures. The thermal energy generated inside each component is captured and, to warm the engine, external, otherwise wasted, thermal energy from the vehicle cooling and exhaust systems is brought in.

Combining these two technologies creates an integrated system that reduces complexity and increases the system’s response time, resulting in a significant reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.

Thermal Bypass Valve (TBV)

This device prevents cold or partially warmed oils from leaving powertrain components, such as the transmission. Internal circulation of vehicle oils keeps thermal energy from dissipating, improving efficiency.

Active Warm-Up (AWU)

In most vehicle applications in the northern hemisphere, heat generated internally is not sufficient to bring oils to optimum temperature quickly enough to reduce friction or parasitic losses. AWU uses otherwise wasted thermal energies, such as heat lost through cooling systems or engine exhaust, to warm these oils – even above what can be achieved through TBVs alone.

Quick Facts

  • Thermal management is a critical area of engine design
  • Warm-up technology quickly increases and maintains vehicle operating temperatures
  • Thermal bypass valves improve efficiency by preventing the dissipation of thermal energy


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