Spicer® LMS Aluminum Wheel Hub System


The Spicer® LMS™ hub system controls bearing adjustment and eliminates installation variables that cause excessive end play and lead to premature wheel seal failures. Combining proven seal technology with precision-manufacturered bearing spacers and special tolerance bearings, our hub system is your best defense against costly replacements and downtime. We offer a variety of hub configurations for truck, tractor, and trailer standard spindles with steer axle ratings of up to 14,600 lbs., drive axle ratings of 46,000 lbs., and 22,000 lbs. for trailers. 

Key Features

  • Built to install precisely, without manual adjustment
  • Over 200 lbs. weight savings with aluminum hubs, compared to 6x4 tractor and trailer with competitive standard axle and brake systems
  • Industry-proven technology minimizes risk and significantly improves wheel-end performance
  • Warranty coverage for 3 years or 350,000 miles (requires Dana-approved lubes) on drive and steer axles, and up to 5 years or 500,000 miles for trailers
  • Backed by industry-leading service and support


  • Eliminates bearing adjustment
  • Improves operating profit
  • Lightweight design with aluminum hubs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Long life, unitized seal
  • Removes assembly variables
  • Flexible spec options
  • Low replacement costs

Hubcap and Vent

  • Lighter, stronger than aluminum hubcaps
  • Patented contaminant exclusion systems with high-precision, multi-labyrinth design
  • Proven to prevent water ingestion from both high-pressure washer sprays and wheel-end submersion
  • Reduces and simplifies maintenance
  • Ensures longevity of wheel-end components

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