Engine Oil Cooling


All internal combustion engines require a cooling circuit, commonly known as a radiator system.  It is responsible for cooling the engine block and the cylinder heads. Integrating a durable Long® engine oil cooler provides additional engine oil cooling, which helps reduce engine wear. And, as engines become more efficient and trucks continue to increase towing capacity, engine oil coolers will become even more necessary on all commercial vehicles.

Closer Look

Dana manufactures custom thermal products, including engine oil coolers, to offer maximum design flexibility for high-performance engines, heavy-duty commercial vehicles, vehicles with increased trailer towing capacity, and high-speed diesel engines.

Key Features

  • Filter-, engine-, and remote-mounted, and radiator in-tank styles for maximum flexibility
  • Lower and controlled engine oil operating temperature
  • Enables robust, highly fuel-efficient engine performance
  • Localized, cost-effective manufacturing and assembly solutions available worldwide