Spicer® Non-Driven Steer Axles NDS41, NDS56, NDS80


Spicer® Non-Driven Steer (NDS) axles come standard with industry-proven features exclusive to Dana. Designed for on-highway, city delivery, and bus applications, both standard and deep drop power rib forged steel beams minimize axle weight and improve alignment.

Key Features

  • Patented power rib design reduces weight while maintaining superior durability and deflection characteristics
  • Patented dual drawkey design for improved durability and alignment
  • Large diameter king pins and sealed-for-life tie rod ends and thrust bearings for reduced maintenance


Narrow Trac

  • Offers added stability
  • Delivers greater turn angle characteristics on steer axles
  • Used for pickup delivery to package in smaller vehicles

Wheel Sensing Hardware

  • Enables packaging of ABS sensors
  • Allows for installation of ABS sensors

Extra Low Floor

  • Industry-proven design features a drop for added passenger comfort and safety
  • No straight beam to contend with
  • Allows bus steps to go down to curb for easy entry/exit from bus


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