Spicer® D-Series Steer Axles D2000 – D2200


Spicer® D-Series Heavy-Duty Steer Axles improve vehicle performance for vocational applications with larger kingpin bushings and a kingpin sealing system. A dual drawkey and spring washer kingpin retention system with a beam foraging configuration work to improve vehicle alignment capabilities and axle durability. This exclusive combination of our patented technologies and designs ensures longer service life, reduced maintenance, and high durability on steer axles.

Patented Features

  • Dual drawkey design for improved durability and alignment
  • Tie rod end sealing system for improved durability and reduced maintenance
  • Power rib design reduces weight while maintaining superior durability and deflection characteristics with high torque brakes


Wide Trac
  • Offers added stability 
  • Delivers greater turn angle characteristics on steer axles
Knuckle Options
  • Innovative design allows for maximum versatility
  • Available for a variety of brakes
  • Ideal for air disc, drum, and hydraulic brake designs
  • Industry-leading hub system technology
  • Reduced maintenance and improved reliability
  • Increased efficiency and lower life cycle costs
Central Tire Inflation System
  • Maximum mobility on a variety of terrains
  • Enhanced efficiency extends tread life
  • Reliable performance for better ride and reduced maintenance


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