SPL® 350 Driveshaft


Engine downspeeding calls for faster axle ratios, which require a stronger, more durable driveshaft to handle the added input torque. SPL® 350 main driveshaft and mating SPL® 250 inter-axle shaft are specifically designed to handle the greatest amount of torque for severe-duty vocational applications as well as low-emission, high-efficiency trucks. 

Available in standard service and extra heavy-duty versions, these additions to the Spicer® family of heavy-duty U-joints extend the expected life of the drivetrain and eliminate application restrictions on engine power in today’s Class 8 linehaul and vocational vehicles.

Key Features

  • More power density than competing products
  • 40 percent more torque carrying capability over competitive designs
  • Capable of meeting future fast axle ratio requirements
  • Ideally suited for high-power/heavy-haul applications (NAFTA, Australia, South America)
  • Quick Disconnect™ end yokes with cold-formed bearing retainers act as structural elements to reduce deflection and rotation while improving strength and serviceability


Service Free

  • No lubrication required for life of product
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Extended product life


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