DS405 Standard Single Reduction Tandem Drive Axle


The DS405 Standard Single Reduction Tandem Drive Axle features the proven performance and reliability that our products are known for worldwide. With increased productivity and high efficiencies, the DS405 includes exclusive Spicer® features:
  • Standard Flow-Thru Lube System
  • Larger inter-axle differential assembly 
  • Lockout clutch
  • Extended drain intervals to 500,000 miles with approved synthetic lubes 
  • No-maintenance "U" tube breather

Key Features

  • "Fast-fade" housing design for lower fifth wheel heights for increased payload capacity and improved vehicle stability
  • Premium Microlip™ XL seals provide the most effective sealing system available to keep lube in, dirt and grime out
  • Factory fill with approved synthetic lubricants that require no initial drain to save time and money 
  • Stronger wheel differential assembly for increased performance and resistance to shock loading


Lube Pump
  • Industry-proven design improves vehicle reliability
  • Protects against spin-out while preventing added heat
  • Keeps gears lubricated
  • Industry-leading hub system technology
  • Reduced maintenance and improved reliability
  • Increased efficiency and lower life cycle costs

Gen Tech™ Gearing

  • Axle gearing manufactured for the ultimate quiet ride significantly reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
Electromagnetic Retarder
  • Designed for the most effective braking action
  • Reduced complexity

Wheel Differential Lock

  • For maximum traction on slippery surfaces
  • Increased stability improves operator safety
  • Can be retrofitted on certain models
Central Tire Inflation
  • Maximum mobility on a variety of terrains
  • Enhanced efficiency extends tread life
  • Reliable performance for better ride and reduced maintenance


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