D165 Single Reduction Tandem Axle


For maximum durability and performance without added complexity and cost, the D165 Single Reduction Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle gives you a best-in-class axle for your demanding vehicle applications. Engineered specifically for the Indian market, and ideal for heavy-haul, refuse, construction, and other vocational applications, the D165 offers patented Dana technology for a more robust, long-lasting product.

Key Features

  • Extra wide face-width gearing
  • Robust power divider and inter-axle differential system with locking feature
  • Integrated carrier and power divider
  • Patented Dana technology for reliable, industry-proven performance


Lube Pump
  • Industry-proven design improves vehicle reliability
  • Protects against spin-out while preventing added heat
  • Keeps gears lubricated
  • Industry-leading hub system technology
  • Reduced maintenance and improved reliability
  • Increased efficiency and lower life cycle costs
Wheel Differential Lock
  • For maximum traction on slippery surfaces
  • Increased stability improves operator safety
  • Can be retrofitted on certain models
Central Tire Inflation System
  • Maximum mobility on a variety of terrains
  • Enhanced efficiency extends tread life
  • Reliable performance for better ride and reduced maintenance

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