Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 Tandem Axle


The Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 Tandem Axle is the first axle for linehaul fleets to feature AdvanTEK® gearing, which was previously only available on axles for Class 1 through Class 5 vehicles. This innovative axle offers increased power density and efficiency in a smaller package than competing axles with features that include wider faced gearing to improve reliability and durability, as well as tapered roller bearings that enhance fuel economy by reducing friction. Several other advanced technologies work together to optimize the AdvanTEK® 40 axle’s overall design for lower noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels.

Key Features

  • Parallel axle installation provides optimum inter-axle driveline angles
  • Optimum inter-axle driveline angles avoid installation variables and vehicle issues with some air-ride suspensions
  • Reliability improvements for improved customer satisfaction
  • Churning loss optimization through passive lube flow management
  • Reduced inertia and torsional vibration levels
  • Reliability improvements of target 30% lower incident rate


Lube Pump
  • Industry-proven design improves vehicle reliability
  • Protects against spin-out while preventing added heat
  • Keeps gears lubricated


  • Optimizes the use of single, wide-based tires
  • Enables full rating of aluminum hub for maximum weight savings
  • Maximizes outer bearing life for most applications

Electromagnetic Retarder

  • Designed for the most effective braking action
  • Reduced complexity
  • Lightweight

Wheel Differential Lock

  • For maximum traction on slippery surfaces
  • Increased stability improves operator safety
  • Can be retrofitted on certain models


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