21065P/22065P Double Reduction Single Drive Axle


Our Spicer® 21065P and 22065P Two-Speed and Planetary Double Reduction Single Drive Axles provide versatile power in a full range of available ratios for medium and heavy-duty applications. The high-performance axles include Dana’s exclusive, patented designs for increased torque capacity, greater strength, and maximum durability.

Key Features

  • Involute splines on drive pinions and shafts for greater torque capacity
  • Precision flow forged differential gears for greater strength and impact resistance
  • Patented lube flow system for superior spin-out protection


NoSPIN® Differential
  • For enhanced traction control
  • Offers smoother operation and increased safety
  • Industry-leading hub system technology
  • Reduced maintenance and improved reliability
  • Increased efficiency and lower life cycle costs
Central Tire Inflation System
  • Maximum mobility on a variety of terrains
  • Enhanced efficiency extends tread life
  • Reliable performance for better ride and reduced maintenance


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