North America Warranty


Dana has developed specific reference material to aid customers in the submission of warranty claims. In order to receive maximum reimbursement in a timely manner, please utilize these reference materials and adhere to the procedures as defined therein. Component warranty coverage can be determined through use of the Dana Commercial Vehicle Warranty Guide. Warranty coverage will vary based on product model and operational use. When filing a claim, it is important to determine if the claim to be filed has occurred within the OEM warranty period or within the Dana Extended Warranty period (vendor-based warranty period), also referred to as Direct Pay. Depending on the warranty period (OEM or Dana Direct Pay), claim filing procedures can vary. See claim filing procedure details in the Dana Commercial Warranty Manual for details or refer to the appropriate section below for a brief overview. Dana warranty training is also available to assist dealers in understanding and identifying vocation coverage and warranty parameters. See your Dana representative for details.

Guides and Manuals

Dana Commercial-Vehicle Warranty Guide
  • Product vocation definitions, component time, and mileage limits by vocation
  • Aftermarket component and part warranties
  • Extended purchase warranty options

 (Warranty Guide)

Dana Commercial-Vehicle Warranty Manual
  • Product Warranty Statements for Dana Commercial Vehicle Product Group
  • Dana Warranty terminology
  • Warranty programs
  • Claim filing procedures and claim information requirements
  • Important information regarding claim approval
  • Component repair and replacement guidelines
  • Labor reimbursement guidelines by repair task (SRTs)
  • Warranty limits, exclusions, and requirements
  • Other important resources

Click the link below for more details.
Spicer Warranty Manual Rev. 1 (PDF)

Warranty Amendment Notice (PDF)

Remanufactured Drive Axles (PDF)

Contact Help Desk (Real Time Warranty)

Dana’s Warranty Helpdesk or Real Time Warranty (RTW) is an optional process used by OEM dealers or OEM authorized repair facilities to receive a warranty repair pre-approval while the vehicle is in their shop.

Warranty Pre-Call Checklist (PDF)

To contact Dana’s RTW warranty, please dial 1-877-777-5360, than hit option 3 for warranty.  RTW agents are available 8:00AM to 5:00 PM EST. Prior to calling RTW, please be prepared to provide the RTW agent with detailed information pertaining to the failure and vehicle. The Pre-Call Checklist is a good tool to use to ensure all needed information is available for our warranty agent before calling.  

During the call, RTW will analyze the failure based on input from the repairing facility and through review of digital pictures to determine warrantability of the failure. If the failure is deemed warrantable and falls within the warranty time period of the component, they will communicate the warranty repair strategy and advise of the hours to be paid on each repair operation. RTW can be used regardless if the failure is under OEM Warranty or under Dana’s extended warranty coverage. If the failure occurs within the OEM base warranty period, Dana will use SRT times published by the specific OEM for each repair operation. If the failure occurs outside of the OEM warranty but still within Dana’s product warranty, claims will be paid per SRT times detailed in Dana’s Warranty Manual.

It is the repair facility’s responsibility to communicate any special repair situations encountered during the repair which may warrant extra time consideration, otherwise the claim will be paid based on published repair guidelines.  
*When the repair is completed, it is required that the repairing facility call back Dana RTW Warranty to close out the claim for full payment/reimbursement.

Important information when using RTW: 
- Please ensure that prior to calling RTW all the failure and vehicle information is available for RTW agent.  
- After submitting photos to RTW, please ensure that you call back RTW for repair direction once pictures have been submitted.
- Make sure clear and viewable digital pictures are provided to RTW. Be sure to include overview shots of sub-assemblies and individual failed components.
- Dana Warranty replaces only parts associated with the failure mode. Parts deemed to have normal wear for the time and mileage on the component may be reused at the discretion of RTW.

Why to use Dana’s RTW Helpdesk:

- To determine warrantability on questionable failures or if a component is still under warranty.
- To determine how much time (SRT) will be paid on a repair.
- To determine what the repair strategy will be and what parts are to be replaced under warranty.
- Used for transient customer repairs where a warranty determination is quickly needed.

File a Claim

Warranty claims are processed per the information detailed in Dana’s Warranty Manual. There are two types of filing procedures – OEM and Direct Pay warranty. In either case RTW can be used (BUT NOT REQUIRED) prior to filing the claim. RTW is used to obtain the warrantabililty of the failure. Inquire about SRT times and/or determine repair strategy. If RTW is used, please ensure to document the RTW claim number on the appropriate filing form.

  • New Real Time Web Claim Form Dealers can fill out the form and attach parts list, pictures, or pdf files. Fill out the form, submit it and follow up with a phone call if you do not hear back from RTW by next business day. RTW 1-877-777-5360 Opt 3.

  • OEM Claim Filing – Any warrantable failure on a Dana component which has failed within the OEM warranty period must be filed through the OEM warranty channel. To determine OEM and base warranty coverage and filing procedures, consult with your OEM. Warranty claims can be used in conjunction with a Real Time Warranty. In such cases, ensure the RTW pre-approval number is documented on the OEM claim to expedite payment and better ensure complete reimbursement. Claim reimbursements will be paid back to the OEM, who in turn will be responsible for reimbursing the dealer directly.

  • Dana Direct Filing – Claims can also be paid directly by Dana. Claims are filed through this process include component failures outside the OEM base warranty but still under Dana product warranty. Direct Pay warranty claims can also be used in conjunction with Real Time Warranty but it is not required. In such cases, ensure the RTW pre-approval number is documented on the appropriate claim filing form to expedite the payment process. Claim reimbursements will be paid directly to the dealer by check.  Allow up to 30 days for reimbursement. If filing a claim without the use of RTW, please complete the Dana Extended Warranty Claim Filing Worksheet below. 
Dana Extended Warranty Claim Filling Worksheet(PDF)
The completed Extended Warranty Claim Filing Worksheet must be sent to for processing and payment.
  • Return Material Analysis – Dana may ask for parts back for engineering and reliability purposes but not on every claim. Dana will advise if parts are required by the following methods:
    • Real time claims – Failed part disposition will be communicated by phone when closing the claim and will be documented on the Dana authorization number on the website.
    • Direct pay claims – Failed part disposition will be communicated by phone or e-mail.     
    • OEM Claims – Follow OEM warranty guidelines.

Dana Warranty Return Shipping document (PDF)

Check Claim Status

Claim Status Look-Up System for Dealers
Dealers can now look up warranty claims and get real-time claim status. To use the look-up function, you will need your OEM dealer code and repair order or Dana authorization number to view claims.

Purchase an Extended Protection Plan

Dana Extended Protection Plans give you peace of mind knowing that, despite increasing parts and labor costs, or how severe the work conditions are, you can repair your truck to its original standard of quality. Dana offers Extended Protection Plans for axles, and 100% of parts and labor on all warrantable failures. For a relatively modest investment, you can rest easy, knowing that Dana is there to support you throughout the life of your truck. You choose the protection that meets your needs.

Use the form below to register for your protection plans.

Please contact your Dana Representative or call 1-877-777-5360 for additional information on these Extended Protection Plans.