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Buying and Building Dana Products

Find Your Dana Representative.
Find the answers you need to some of the most commonly asked questions. For further information, please contact your OEM or local Dana representative. 

How do I buy genuine Dana components?
Commercial truck makers (OEMs) are welcome to buy Dana parts directly from us. Or, contact your Dana representative to help find an Authorized Service Center or warehouse distributor stocking genuine Dana products. 

How do I contact a Dana engineer about building your products into our trucks?
Contact the Dana representative assigned to your account. See the directory for names and phone numbers.

How do I get application approval to build a truck or drivetrain with Dana parts?
Please contact your local Dana representative for more information on application approvals for Spicer® axles, brakes, driveshafts, and tire management products, or utilize our online tools to support you at

How should our truck-buying customers obtain warranty support?
The first line of warranty support is through the truck maker’s dealer network. Dealers and truck buyers have direct access to Dana warranty support. To appeal an OEM decision, please contact your local Dana representative.

How can a truck buyer ensure that original warranty coverage will continue?
Continued warranty coverage is ensured by the following:
  • The vehicle continues in the vocation for which it was originally covered. For example, an on-highway truck converted to severe duty service would not continue to be covered by its original on-highway warranty.
  • The vehicle drivetrain is not subjected to abusive driving techniques or habits. See the Dana Warranty Guide for specific precautions.
  • Usage of and adhering to proper drain/fill intervals of approved lubricants – particularly Dana-approved synthetic lubricants – are essential for preserving extended warranty coverage.
  • Installing genuine Dana aftermarket replacement parts is essential for maintaining original warranty coverage.

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