Dana Commercial Vehicle Linehaul

Providing the durability and efficiency needed to haul more.

Hauling long distances across varying terrains requires durable products that can perform no matter the elevation or climate, and Dana can help trucks get there quickly and safely. As a world leader in drivetrain systems, we engineer custom Spicer® products that are integrated with the latest technologies and easy maintenance features to lower overall vehicle weight and improve efficiency.

Dana is also committed to solving industry challenges as truck manufacturers work to reduce emissions and fuel consumption through engine downspeeding.  Our full system solution includes the Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axle and SPL® 250/350 driveshafts, offering the industry’s fastest axle ratio while handling greater input torque for best-in-class durability. With a 37-pound weight savings and a 2 percent improvement in vehicle efficiency, we are here to increase your bottom line and provide the customer support and warranty coverage to keep trucks on the road where they belong.