Victor Reinz® Electrical Connector Gasket


Dana designs its components to offer the most advanced product solutions to fit your needs. Our electrical connector gaskets employ the latest industry innovations to provide power connections for a variety of plug-ins. Sealed wiring sends an electronic signal directly through the “window” in the gasket, removing potential leak paths and lowering vehicle costs. 

Since electrical connections are completed before mating components are even assembled, service can be performed easily. This electrical connector gasket provides power connections to activate components such as solenoids, actuators, sensors, and fuel injectors. Connections are checked to ensure signal integrity from each circuit while an integrated wiring harness transmits the power. 

Key Features

  • Applications include gaskets, cam covers, transmission pan modules, and oil pan gasket assemblies
  • Global design with regional, cutting-edge production technology
  • Valve cover connector gaskets can be integrated and designed with valve cover modules

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