Technical Training Straight from the Source

Dana invented the drivetrain segment over 100 years ago and continues to pioneer the market with both conventional and electrified solutions. Of course, the best parts and drivetrain systems don’t help if they’re not properly inspected, diagnosed, and repaired. That’s why Dana offers a collection of technical training resources – so the job always gets done right!

Driveline Forensics Training Videos

Our series of technical training videos, called Driveline Forensics, walks you through proper techniques across both conventional and electrified products.

Diesel Vehicle Driveshaft

Driveshaft Removal

Driveshaft Inspection

Inspecting Yokes and Tubing

U-Joint Greasing

Installing the Driveshaft

Diesel Vehicle Drive Axle

Drive Axle Maintenance Inspection

Drive Axle Carrier Assembly Removal

Drive Axle Carrier Assembly Replacement

Diesel Vehicle Steer Axle

Steer Axle Maintenance Inspection

Steer Axle Lubrication

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Electric Vehicle Architecture Overview

Electric Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Submerged Electric Vehicle Protocol

Electric Vehicle Maintenance Safety Tips

Commercial Vehicle e-Powertrain Integration Overview

Training Modules through the Academy

Dana offers learning curriculum to help teach tricks of the trade and assess comprehension through carefully crafted modules – all available through the Dana Training Academy.