Spicer® Optimized Tire Pressure System for Vocational Applications


The Spicer® Optimized Tire Pressure Management System for vocational trucks provides safety and reliability when you need it most. This automatic tire inflation system is specifically designed for vocational trucks in:

  • Fire and rescue
  • Oil and gas
  • Logging
  • Construction

With six different mode settings for the driver to easily select, the Spicer Optimized Tire Pressure Management System enhances mobility through reduced tire pressure, serving as an alternative to all-wheel drive systems on uneven terrains. 

Quick Facts

  • Features internal centralized pressure release system
  • Offers increased uptime and productivity
  • Reduces onsite repairs and unplanned service calls
  • Keeps punctured tires inflated to prevent stranded driver
  • Provides user-friendly, PC-based diagnostics

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