Spicer® Optimized Tire Pressure System for Military Applications


The most critical features in military applications are reliability and performance. Our industry-proven Spicer® Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) for the military vehicle is designed to enhance government defense vehicles with significantly improved all-wheel drive performance, maximum mobility, and full diagnostics.

A “limp home” feature prevents disabled military vehicles on the battlefield and in other instances of major tire leaks. From complete mobility optimization and remote wheel-end venting to sealed wheel valves that prevent environmental contamination, Dana’s engineers designed this Central Tire Inflation System to transport, deploy, and recover faster.

Quick Facts

  • Used in military applications since the 1980s
  • Features sealed wheel valves and remote wheel-end venting
  • Checks and maintains pressure at selected time intervals

Key Features

  • Driver can select operating mode based on terrain and load conditions to regulate tire pressure
  • Integrated diagnostics alert the driver of potential tire problems and system status
  • Updated Mechatronic Control Unit’s integrated system provides reduced weight and individual wheel control

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